Flash Gordon Rules!

(1936) Flash Gordon 13 Chapters

Also Known As:

Flash Gordon: Rocketship (1936) (USA: recut version)

Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers (1936) (USA: video title)

Space Soldiers (1936) (USA: TV title)

Atomic Rocketship (1936)

Rocketship (1936)

(1938) Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars 15 Chapters

Also Known As:

Deadly Ray From Mars (1938) (USA: recut version)

Flash Gordon: Mars Attacks the World (1938) (USA: video title)

Space Soldiers' Trip to Mars (1938)

(1940) Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe 12 Chapters

Also Known As:

Perils from the Planet Mongo (1940) (USA: recut version)

Purple Death from Outer Space (1940) (USA: recut version)

Space Soldiers Conquer the Universe (1955) (USA: TV title)

(1954) Flash Gordon (TV) 39 episodes

(1979) New Adventures of Flash Gordon, The Animated

(1980) Flash Gordon

(1983) Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All Animated (TV)

(1986) Defenders of the Earth Animated

(1996) Flash Gordon - Animated

(1997) Flash Gordon: Marooned on Mongo - Animated

(2007) Flash Gordon TV Series

Updated: January 3rd, 2008